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We are your
IT department.

Trust us for the management of your IT environment. With outsourcing, you give us, in whole or in part, the responsibility for your IT infrastructure. We support you in your growth, we support you at every stage of your development, we offer an IT support service tailored to your needs.

IT Support & Management

How it works


The first step is to analyze your needs or make an inventory of your company’s IT needs. We start with a thorough analysis of your technology assets during a first meeting with our experts at your office. Note that this analysis is free.


Following the analysis of your needs, we then recommend the changes to make in order to provide you with a secure and up-to-date computer equipment. Each recommendation focuses on the very real and specific needs of your company. We provide you with a document containing a list of recommendations and changes to make in order to obtain a secure and up-to-date IT environment.


We are preparing a three-year plan to support you. For example, you will know if a workstation or server is at the end of its life. From the beginning, you’ll know what to expect, why we do a certain action. Every year, we review with you the three-year plan.


Every quarter (every three months), we give you a list of problems encountered and the resolutions we have made each time.

We perform our work with meticulousness and professionalism. Daily, we monitor your IT environment, your cloud or the security of your site. We make sure to manage all of your IT assets proactively, not passively, and keep you informed with daily follow-ups. It’s our mission at Ti Impact.


It’s normal for your business to be overwhelmed by the challenges of managing, maintaining, and maintaining hardware. That’s why we offer support to users on site, including the use of a dedicated phone line to our helpdesk, email and a web page. We take care of the support of your IT infrastructure. This way, we make sure to maximize your investments, your time and your resources.

Services offered

With over a thousand IT projects of all kinds to our credit in the past few years, Ti Impact will meet all your IT support needs. We are the real experts in our field.

We work with professionalism, rigor and dynamism on all the projects we deal with. In fact, all of our clients’ projects are rigorously monitored by our project manager to ensure that the schedule and the allocated budget are respected.

Managed services
Cloud backups
Office 365
Web hosting
IT Security
Consulting services

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About Ti Impact

IT Impact, a Tech services company can be defined by four attributes:  experienced, visionary, proactive and customer service focused.

If your business is at a level where you are looking to focus on your core strengths and trust a fully accountable partner with your technological responsibilities, IT Impact is the obvious choice.

While you are busy concentrating on your own skills and competitive advantages, IT Impact’s team of experts will guide you through your technological decisions, on three levels: hardware, software and tech decisions. Our competent and strategic approach will help you leverage technology to help bring your company to new heights.

Furthermore, with our agnostic approach, IT Impact will always base its recommendations on what’s best for your company’s needs and objectives rather than just pushing hardware, software and solutions based on relationships with manufacturers and developpers.

Our history

More than 20 years of IT customer service and a vision of simplifying de management of an IT environment brings everyone at IT Impact together.  Always being one step ahead of your needs, respecting your budgets and timelines and participating in your success is what our day-to-day looks like.

IT Impact was founded by two seasoned IT professionals.  Unsatisfied with the levels of customer service offered to small-sized organizations, the company was built with the goal of giving SMB’s the same IT advantages available to larger orgnizations, but at a fraction of the cost.  We invest ressources in order to guarantee one of the lowest tech to user ratio in the industry.